11 Best Password Manager App For Android 2021

Best Password Manager App for Android

Protecting your online accounts and managing your password is more important this time than before and using the best password manager app for android is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your account and manage your password.

Selecting one password manager app amongst the options is a confusing task. But I’m here to help. I have invested a lot of my time researching the best, secure, and  affordable password managers apps available for Android. I have made a list of the best free and premium password manager apps for you. Here are my recommendations.

List of Best Password Manager for Android

Last Pass

LastPass is one of the best password manager for android that keep your passwords and personal information in a secure vault and which is only accessed by a master password. With Last Pass vault, you can store passwords and login credentials in a safe vault that is not breachable by anyone. You just have to remember your LastPass master password(Important), and LastPass will autofill web browser and app logins for you and you are ready to go. 

Last Pass is a shining thing and a lot of people like glittery things these days. You can store your audio notes, videos, photos securely in LastPass. There are many other unique features of this best free password manager such as fingerprint scanner and much more which I will mention below in the features section.

LastPass, a free password manager for android makes it very easy to store sign-in info for websites and apps and it automatically fills in your credentials whenever there is a  prompt.  Wherever a sign-in prompt appears, LastPass password manager utilizes Android’s autofill function and fills it out.

LastPass is one of the best free password managers for Android it provides unlimited password storage on unlimited mobile or desktop devices.

LastPass Password Manager for android Premium Features:

  • Unlimited sharing of passwords
  • 1GB encrypted file storage
  • Premium multi-factor authentication
  • Priority tech support
  • Desktop fingerprint authentication

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1Password is a free password manager app which provides their services to individuals, organizations and also provides a shared password protection system for families. 

1Password provides two services,for individual and for family maximum of 5 users. 1Password, a best password manager app, also has a business service that offers protection for those people working from home, as well as for a business and their team.

1Password has a good UI among the listed free password manager apps.It offers you a secure way to manage all of your passwords keeping everything simple. 1Password stores information of your logins, credit cards, addresses, notes, bank accounts, driver licenses, passports, and more.

1Password Features

  • Create strong, unique passwords for your accounts
  • Fill usernames and passwords into websites and apps
  • Information on all your mobile devices and computers can be accessible by 1Password
  • Share passwords securely with your family or company
  • Unlock with a single tap using Fingerprint Unlock

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aWallet is one of the best password manager apps for android that is very famous in this password manager field. aWallet stores passwords, banking info, credit card info, and custom data if you need it to. There is also a custom icon,built-in search, and an auto lock feature. In this best free password manager app you will get a built in password generator so you don’t have to think of one, but that is a premium feature. AES, Blowfish encryption and other basics are covered by aWallet. Awallet, one of the best password manager apps for android is available for free on playstore and you can also buy a premium version by single in-app purchase.

aWallet Password Manager for android Premium Features:

  • Unlock with fingerprint 
  • Face Unlock
  • Password Generator
  • CSV Import

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Dashlane is one of the best free password manager apps and it provides a simple and secure way to manage your passwords and keep other login information stored. For managing passwords, I can say Dashlane is the best, but the free Dashlane version limits you to single device and 50 passwords. The $60 Premium subscription is similar to plans from 1Password and LastPass. In $120 Premium Plus annual subscription it includes credit card and ID-theft monitoring feature.

Dashlane is highly secure, simple to use, and it also can monitor dark web, which makes this my favorite password manager for Android. It comes with a one-click password changer, which automatically replaces weak passwords with strong ones on over 300+ compatible sites, also it includes encrypted storage and a range of 2Factor Authentication options. Its Premium plan comes with a 30-day free trial , and it comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Dashlane Password Manager for android Features:

  • Unlimited number of passwords can be stored and can be access anywhere
  • Even if your phone and computer run on different systems you can Sync your Dashlane data to every device automatically, 
  • Create secure passwords with Password Generator
  • Share passwords safely and conveniently
  • Import your passwords easily from Chrome

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Enpass is an offline password manager to keep your everything in a secure vault by using master password. Enpass is a best password management app which uses a single master password to secure all the stored passwords.

You don’t need to get into a mess to remember all of  your passwords. Enpass password manager helps you to keep all your important bank accounts and financial details and all other credentials secure. These are securely ensured with the password you chose.

You can also have it auto-fill your passwords into Google Chrome if you use that browser or any other browser. Enpass has a free version which you can download from playstore or you can buy a pro version at $9.99.

Enpass Offline Password Manager Features:

  • Offline- No data on our servers.
  • Stores Everything- Secure vault for your logins, credit cards,and other credentials
  • 100% data is encrypted 
  • Data Synchronization (Syncs data through iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc)
  • Consistently designed for all mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Separate your persona and work data in different vaults.
  • Auto-filling- Autofills right into the apps.
  • Biometric authentication

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Bitwarden was originally launched in 2016 as a password manager for Android. It is the only open-source password manager I reviewed and offers an impressive range of features in its free plan, giving it the edge over comparable password programs.

Bitwarden’s free plan includes unlimited passwords and syncing across devices, secure note and credit card storage, 2FA, and the option to store passwords offline rather than in the cloud. 

Bitwarden is one of the best password managers for android on this list that provide unlimited password storage and multi-device sync in its free plans.

Bitwarden Password Manager Features:

  • Vault auditing tools.
  • Built-in 2FA authenticator.
  • USB 2FA with apps like YubiKey and Fido.
  • 1 GB encrypted storage.

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Keepass2Android is a simple and secure free and open source app to manage all your passwords. The app supports KDBX files, the database format used by the popular app Keepass2X Password Safe for Windows.

The first thing to do when you open Keepass2Android is create a master password, master password is used to access all the other passwords you store in this app. Make sure you keep this Master password safe as this password is used to access all other password.

Keepass2Android is compatible with all Android browsers alvailable. You can protect all your passwords with just a tap on the screen in any browser you using.

Keepass2Android is an excellent password manager for Android which is really very secure. The interface is not that super pretty, but it doesn’t matter.

 Keeppass2Android Features

  • Stores all your passwords in a securely encrypted vault
  • Compatible with KeePass versions.
  • QuickUnlock
  • Synchronize with cloud
  • AutoFill service
  • Free and Open-Source

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Password Safe

Password Safe and Manager is a good middle-of-the-road option when it comes to best password managers app. This one has a 256-bit encryption which should help you feel relatively safe. It also has Material Design which looks and acts wonderfully, additionally, it comes with auto-backup. Pro version costs $3.99 and there are many more features in it. With Google Play Pass it is free.

Password Safe Feature

  • Secure storage
  • categorize your entries in the Password Safe
  • access via one single master-password
  • Password Generator for creating secure passwords
  • backup and restore the encrypted database
  • customizability of the user interface
  • statistics
  • Favor most used entries
  • Password Generator-widgets
  • local auto-backup
  • csv-import/export
  • password strength indicator
  • no unnecessary Android rights

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RememBears a streamlined  password manager app with good security protections, an intuitive interface, and adorable bear animations. RememBear is a great choice for less tech-savvy people. It includes a reward system which offers clear guidance for accessing the app’s features — each time you “unlock” an achievement, you’re rewarded with an animated bear.

RememBear is one of the simplest and most secure password managers for Android devices. It provides an intuitive user interface, a helpful achievement system, and good security protection to keep user information 100% secure.

RememBear Feature

  • Friendly Design
  • Unlock with touchid and FaceID
  • Auto-locking after Bear inactivity
  • A unique Master Password to unlock your vault

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Keeper is another secure password manager app for android that helps you protect and manage your login info on various devices. A free version gives you storage on a single device with unlimited password storage. The pro version costs $35 a year and lets you sync passwords across multiple devices. And additional for around $45 a year, you can get 10GB of secure storage.

Keeper is a secure android password manager app with a unique messaging app. Keeper also has all of the security features, including advanced encryption, 2FA, breach monitoring, and a built-in authenticator. Individuals and families can easily choose the right plan to meet their needs as keeper has a wide range of flexible pricing plans for all.

Keeper Feature

  • Sync & manage your passwords on all devices. 
  • Store unlimited password 
  • Generate strong, unique passwords.
  • Securely share passwords or files with people you trust.

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Avira Password Manager

Avira Password Manager is secure, and is easy-to-use, and provides the best free plan. You can strengthen your Android’s security by collabing the free password manager with Avira’s excellent free antivirus and VPN.

Avira Password Manager app for android is secure, and with a great set of free features and you can also use it in combination with Avira’s excellent free antivirus and VPN. The free version of Avira Password Manager’s offers unlimited password storage on unlimited devices, a built-in 2FA tool, and biometric login, and with the pro version you will get vault health auditing and dark web monitoring.

Avira Password Manager Feature

  • Unlimited password storage across unlimited devices.
  • Biometric login.
  • Built-in 2FA authenticator.
  • Vault health auditing (paid plan only).
  • Data breach monitoring (paid plan only).

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What is the best password manager app for Android?

Selecting one password manager app amongst the option is a confusing task. But I’m here to help. I have  spent a lot of time evaluating and revisiting each of the major password managers apps available for Android.

  • Lastpass
  • 1password Password manager app
  • aWallet
  • DashlanePassword manager app
  • Enpass
  • Bitwarden Password manager app
  • Keepass2Android
  • Password Safe Password manager app
  • Remember Password manager app
  • Keeper
  • Avira Password manager app

What is the best free password manager app for Android?

  • Lastpass
  • Sticky Password
  • Dashlane Password manager app
  • Google Smart Lock

Which is the safest password manager?

Almost all password manager for android are safe I will suggest using Lastpass as it is my favorite of all I have mentioned above

Is Bitwarden better than LastPass?

Bitwarden and LastPass both are good when it comes to security

However, Bitwarden has a bit advantage over Lastpass as it is open-source, offers local data storage, and has never been hacked..

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