11 Best Whiteboard Animation Apps for Android 2021

Best Whiteboard Animation Apps for Android

There are many Whiteboard animation apps available for PC but if there is no availability of PC for editing, then mobile device come into the picture.

There are many whiteboard animation apps for PC like videoscribe but because of its huge size it can’t be operated in android so I will list down top 11 whiteboard animation app for android to make you win in your video editing game.

Top Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android


Flipaclip is one of the best white board animation app for Android which allow users to make animation and edit animation videos very simple and with ease. Flipaclip not only makes beautiful animations but also it  has features such as audio recording, audio import, audio library, onion layers and drawing layers.

When it comes to the feature of this handwriting animation app there are uncountable features such as animation timeline, drawing tools, frames manager and text tolls.

Because of its features such as sharing animation videos via YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc, it is one of the best animator app for android.

In Flipaclip, the best animation app for android, you can change the color of the board and make it blue, pink,or any other color you like.

Benefits of Flipaclip whiteboard Animation app

  • Art Drawing Tools
  • Animation Layers
  • Video Animation Tools
  • Create A Video With Audio
  • Animated Photos & Videos
  • Create Videos
  • Create & Share Movies

Animation Desk

Animation Desk is an intuitive animation writing app which allows creators to create animation, draw cartoons and do some sketching. With an animation desk you can create and blend multiple levels of animation, and on the top this whiteboard video app has a friendly interface. 

This best animation application has various painting tools to create attractive animations and has adjustable size and opacity for brushes and erasers.

The reason why professional and amateur animators love this whiteboard animation app is because of its ability to create perfect animation,storyboarding, and sketching.

Feature of Animation desk

Animation Desk Free whiteboard animation app
  • Create Animation
  • Drawing Tools
  • Helpful Tools
  • Export
  • Zoom-in And Zoom-out
  • Canvas Rotation
  • Onion Skin

Explain Everything Whiteboard Animation App

Explain Everything is one of the best whiteboard animation apps for Android which create animated videos quickly and efficiently. This app is designed primarily for digital classrooms; automatic lessons sync between teachers and students. It allows sharing of animated videos through emails, Facebook, youtube whatsapp, etc.

As other whiteboard animation apps for android in the play store, Everything Whiteboard animation app also have the same user interface.

It permits editors to import reports and interactive media for a projects. It can sync with cloud platforms such as Google Drive, dropbox etc. This whiteboard video app is also compatible with sketch pencil to sketch the design.

Feature of Explain Everything Whiteboard Animation App

  • Bring in media directly from Google Drive
  • Capture your interactions and voice 
  • Share your projects as images, PDFs, MP4s

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Benime Animation App for Android

Benime is the best white board animation app for android among the professional applications and a really cool tool for creating animations. Benime creates great clips and classic project presentations as per your needs.

It does not have too complex and bright interface, so it’s very easy for amature to use this handwriting animation app..

In just a few minutes you can create an animated video on a whiteboard that’s why it is the best app for animating video.

Features of Benime

  • Modern user interface and simple design.
  • Inbuilt video assets.
  • Add background music and voice over.
  • Choose different hands.
  • Import custom SVG, animation and images from local disk.
  • Support animated GIF images.
  • Instant preview feature.
  • Offline video rendering support up-to 1080 pixels
  • Customize text style, size, color and alignment.
  • Apply background color and image to the page.
  • Create unlimited videos.

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard is undoubtedly one of the best whiteboard animation apps for android. The LiveBoard animation application offers you convenient tools to share your experiences, ideas, or results wherever you are.

In this app, you can do whatever you want from adding music to voiceover to animating.

Liveboard  provides a best feature of collaborating with other users in real time.

In this application is a  white canvas whiteboard app with lots of drawing options for animating videos. This application has feature of layer support. 

You can share your animated videos with anyone you like, you can go live with this whiteboard animation app for android for free.

You can use LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard app for your website and make entertaining videos

Features of LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard Animation Maker

  • Invite external guests with a public link.
  • Fully control drawing, writing and chatting functionality 
  • Create groups with predefined members
  • Import JPEG, PNG images and PDF files

Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle

Whiteboard app is a fun drawing app for android which helps to create the best animation for your youtube channel or for any other needs in real time. Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle as the name says it has 3 main features that makes this whiteboard animation app special. 

Whiteboard Draw Paint Doodle comes in three modes: doodle desk, whiteboard, and kid board. You can customize each of the 3 modes to suit your needs and for maximum exposure.

After you have created your outstanding animation with this app, you can now share the animation with your friends and family.

Because of its features such as sharing animation videos via YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc, it is one of the best animator app for android

Features of Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle

  • Draw with finger. 
  • Customizable interface. 
  • Gives you maximum place to draw. 
  • Save drawings as images in your gallery. 
  • Multiple tools/colors. 
  • Control size and transparency of brush stroke.
  • Insert text, predefined shapes, beautiful clip arts, callouts
  • Multiple paper backgrounds to draw or use solid fill background
  • Save image to gallery and open saved image to reuse
  • Share your images on facebook,whatsapp, email and many more.
  • Kids board
  • Doodle desk
  • Photo Booth


Ziteboard is the perfect whiteboard video app for Android that allows real time sharing of videos with the world. Ziteboard has a Google Chrome extension with which you can save the animation in the internet.

One of the best features in this free whiteboard animation app for android is the users can sync screen and zoom the created videos.

Ziteboard supports complete whiteboard demonstrations on other media like projector projecting the video.

This whiteboard animation app automatically recognizes your intentions in drawing, so there’s no bumpy lines or weird handwriting while making the perfect design

Features of Ziteboard

  • Designing layouts, workflows, prototypes with a team
  • Data and process visualization
  • Casual, ad-hoc presentation, meeting notes
  • Visual facilitation


When you need an free whiteboard animation app for android then ToonHive is the best option for you it is very easy and user friendly to use. You can create a whiteboard animation without hassles with this animation app for android.

In ToonHive you just have to add the images and text to canvas and Toonhive will create an outstanding animated video for you which will engage your students or audience.

This is a toon whiteboard animation application which is for a reason. You can create cartoon-like animation with the best animation applications.

This app has a voice and music effect, you can use your own voice to narrate the tutorials.

Features of ToonHive

  • Invite external guests with a public link.
  • Fully control drawing, writing, and chatting
  • Create groups with predefined members
  • Import JPEG, PNG images and PDF files

Wideo – Whiteboard Doodle Animation Video Maker

It is another good whiteboard animation app for android which allows professionals and beginners to create awesome whiteboard animation in minutes.

In this animation application you can type or paste text into video and can also find animated images in order to automatically merge together in video.

In this best animation application, you can also alter or delete and can also add new image and can even draw your own glyphs. You can record your own voice or add other sound or voice. 

Features of Wideo – Whiteboard Doodle Animation Video Maker

  • Add images, audio or video from your gallery.
  • Background, shapes, graphics & text arts with our Video Creator.
  • Share with our Video Creator.

StickDraw Handwriting Animation App

StickDraw is one of the best whiteboard apps for Android. It is simple, flexible, and easy to use.

Use your hands to draw captivating images, sticks obviously.

Many people are huge fans of stick drawing. Ever seen the stick cartoon before, they are hilariously entertaining.

So, using a stick animation for your animation videos is not a bad idea. You can change the background image or customize it on your own or something unique. You can export it as a GIF or in MP4 format.

Features of StickDraw Handwriting Animation App

  • Draw with your hands
  • Multiple graphics
  • Advanced Copy and paste
  • Use background pictures or drawing
  • Export to gif and mp4
  • Easy to use User Interface

Thirdparty Download Link

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AnimeMaker White Board Animation App

AnimeMaker is the same as stickdraw in which you can draw with just a touch. Animemaker app is trying to make things easy for the users to use this app to create cool whiteboard animation videos.

Fill your whiteboard with colors, add your drawings, and erase them if need be. You can even add color to the cartoon creation to make it look more cool and interesting.

If it’s cool to you, then it’ll be cool to your viewers. You can create whatever you want with amazing flipbook like features.

Features of AnimeMaker white board animation app for android

  • Creating flipbook animation.
  • Drawing with touch.
  • Choose the width of brush.
  • Choose brush colors.
  • Fill Color
  • Undo
  • Eraser
  • Adjust animation speed
  • Adding, Removing,Duplicating feature.
  • Save and upload your animations.


All the whiteboard animation apps for Android 2021 listed above are working and are really user friendly and I’m sure you will like them and you will select one for your designing project.

We’ve come to the end of this list, have you tried any of the apps above? If yes, which app do you think deserves to be the king? I would love to hear from you in the comments section.


How can I make a whiteboard animation on my phone?

To make whiteboard animation you can use any app like, Flipaclip, Animation Desk etc 

Which is the best whiteboard animation software?

  • Easy Sketch Pro Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • Animaker Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • TruScribe Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • Filmora Pro Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • Biteable Whiteboard Animation Software.

What is the best animation app for Android?

There are many best animation apps for android like but I will suggest you Animation Desk or FlipaClip

What app can I use for whiteboard animation?

Apps listed below you can use for whiteboard animation

  • Animation Desk
  • Stickdraw
  • Animemaker
  • Wideo
  • Benime
  • Stop Motion Studio
  • FlipaClip
  • Animoto
  • GIFMob

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